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Equipment based Pilates


The main service that we offer at the jadepilates well-being studio is personalised equipment based Pilates.  The studio was purpose built in 2014 for reformer Pilates, cadillac, wunda chair, arc barrel and an assortment of small Pilates apparatus.  

The Balanced Body brand of Pilates equipment can be used in a variety of ways and is adjusted using springs with different tensions.  Depending on your specific needs the Pilates teacher will choose spring resistance for support, to facilitate movement or to create a challenge.  This challenge may be to promote strength, control or a new neuro-muscular pattern.  Whatever your personal needs and objectives, the equipment will be adjusted to suit you.  The Pilates repertoire will be carefully chosen and individually taught to you, so that you come to understand the most effective way to move and inhabit your body, for you.  This is personal training at its best, whether it is an approach that is advanced and athletic or relaxed and restorative, we have the Pilates that is best for you!

One to One Appointments


All equipment training must start with a one to one appointment.  In this session you will build a plan of action with your teacher. Whether your aim is to run a marathon or prepare for the birth of your child it is important to share your medical history and current physical condition. Your teacher will see you move for the first time and start putting together a programme of exercise to follow. You will learn the basic principles of Pilates and receive the undivided attention of your teacher. This is an invaluable start to your training as you will learn that the Pilates Method is about coordination and requires your concentration!

Many people continue with one to one appointments, for one reason or another.  One to one learning is incredibly efficient and your progress will be quicker, especially if you are overcoming pain or injury.


Costs for 1:1 Appointments:

Single session £54

Three sessions for £145.80

One to Four Classes

After your initial one to one appointment, you may choose to attend a one to four class. You will continue to receive personal training and a high level of attention, as equipment sessions are shared by no more than four clients at one time. Each client is taught individually therefore follows a programme that is designed to meet their needs.

Costs for 1:4 Classes:

Single session £27

Five sessions for £128.25 (£25.65 per session)

Ten sessions for £243 (24.30 per session)


Mat based Pilates


In a mat based class you will be in a group of approximately six people.  Small equipment may be used, like resistance bands and massage balls.  Everyone follows the same class plan, with variations as needed.  Mat based Pilates can be relaxing and restorative yet also invigorating and challenging.  Sometimes the toughest workout is one without machines!

Pre natal
Tuesdays 1900 - 2000 £12


Strengthen and support your changing body with gentle Pilates exercise. Ease discomforts and prepare for birth and beyond whilst meeting other mums in a friendly and relaxed setting.  The class will be mat based but make use of the small equipment in the Pilates studio including birthing balls, massage balls, bands etc.


Classes are paid for in blocks of five.

General level
(suitable as a  post natal class)
Tuesdays 2015 - 2115 £12

Whether you are seeking down time after a busy day, cross training before a sporting event, exercising post natal or recovering from an injury this class will provide  a quality setting, plenty of personal attention and detail. 


Classes are paid for in blocks of five.

Accessible Yoga


Accessible Yoga is a chair based yoga class suitable for older participants and those with physical and/or mobility concerns. 

Fridays 1430 - 1530 £10



This class is offered by Flamingoyogis and hosted by jadepilates well-being studio.

To enquire and to book please contact

BOOK NOW!  Places are limited to allow for individual attention.

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